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Vaculex for Heavy Weight jobs!

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Vaculex - for Heavy Lifting up to 350 LBS.

How much work time is wasted waiting for someone else to help you lift something? How could the work be rationalized if one person could do it himself or herself? What other tasks could the operator do instead?

Using Vaculex, one person can perform a heavy or bulky lift, which previously required two strong people. Vaculex uses vacuum technology both to secure and to lift. This gives you a smooth and precise tool-the lifting device follows the body's movements.

A Vaculex Ergonomic Vacuum Lift System gives a smooth, flexible and safe lift.

Smart Vaculex accessories provide the vacuum tube lift with the same smooth action as doing it manually. By means of a bottom swivel fitted between the vacuum housing and the suction foot, the lifted object can be rotated 360. Using an 90 degree angle adapter, an object can be lifted in a horizontal position and then rotated into a vertical position. The bottom swivel and 90 degree angle adapter can be combined. The range of movement is maximized and the object requires a minimum amount of space for operation. A Quick Disconnect enables fast and simple interchange of lifting tools for different jobs.

Several characteristics make Vacutrade USA, Inc.'s vacuum tube lifts very safe. Our patented safety valve guarantees full lifting safety, even for hook lifts. A non-return valve maintains the low pressure in the lift tube so that there is time to safely lower the load.     The patented lift tube connections (top swivel and control head assembly) are made with a threaded composite plastic and are secured into the reinforced wire of the lift tube preventing the tube from detaching and dropping the load.

Vaculex only lifts what it is capable of lifting.

The advantages of lifting with Vaculex are obvious

Because of its smooth lifting action, you can maintain a naturally high tempo. One person easily does lifts, which are too heavy or require two people. Repeated lifts no longer take a toll on the body, thus reducing the frequency of sick leave and costly rehabilitation.

Safe Vaculex lifts reduces the risk of personal injury or damage. Vaculex takes up little space, is easy to install and very easy to use.

Vaculex is used for lifts between 75 and 350 Ibs.. Objects, which are too heavy or hard to grip for one person, are easily handled using Vaculex. For example: cartons, sacks, sheets metal, board windows or other items.  
Vaculex is usually powered by an electric pump, but other methods such as compressed air can be used.
We have carried hundreds of test lifts and documented the results in the lifting force chart. Using our chart you can select the right lifting vacuum system.

Safety Features and Ergonomics Benefits of the Vaculex Line of Products

(1) The Vaculex System is modular, with separate components available in several variations.
Adapts to any work environment. Allows simple changes to lifting capacities, suction feet, extended handles and more. Grows with your company-new installations are added easily and cost-effectively.

(2) The Vaculex runs on various-sized, electric or compressed-air driven vacuum pumps.
Its vacuum suction power combines a smooth lifting movement with variable speeds.

(3) Vaculex-the ergonomically designed vacuum lifting device.
Reduces injuries and fatigue as it lessens compensation costs. Meets all OSHA and ADA standards and the proposed NIOSH lifting guidelines.

(4) Vaculex can be mounted on a Jib Crane or X-Y bridge Crane.
Vaculex is easy to position and move around the workstation.

(5) Vaculex may be equipped with Vacutrade's patented Safety Valve for lifting situations where the vacuum control head's bottom valve is closed.
If the object were to come loose, the low pressure is immediately eliminated. Minimizes the risk of injury.

(6) Vaculex has an ingenious non-return valve.
If the vacuum pump stops, the low pressure in the vacuum tube is maintained long enough to permit the load to be lowered under controlled conditions. Minimizes the risk for injury or damage.

(7) 360 Bottom Swivel, 90 Adapter and Quick Disconnects are optional accessories.
The bottom swivel allows the load to be turned 360 degrees and the 90-degree adapter allows alternation between horizontal and vertical positioning. The Quick Disconnects enable tools to be changed in seconds. The system's flexibility and maneuverability while lifting is maximized. The object requires a minimum of space to operate effectively.

(8) Vaculex suction feet are always engineered properly to fit the vacuum lifting system specified for your lifting application.
Vaculex always maintains a constant safety factor while lifting. If the object is too heavy, or the surface is too porous, it will not be lifted. Minimizes the risk of injury or damage.

(9.)The Vaculex products are engineered with the highest quality standards for safety and ergonomic concerns.     Vacutrade is proud to be C.E.Certified.
This certificate assures the consumer that our products meet the highest standards available.

(10.) Customer service is maintained through our vast network of trained representatives and distributors.
We provide engineering, sales, support, training, and service.

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