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Microlex for lighter weight jobs!

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Microlex - for light lifts

Microlex is the perfect aid for frequent, lights lifts, up to about 75 lbs. .     For example, Microlex can lift car hoods, doors and batteries in the car industry: cartons, computers: paints cans or, as in the picture containers being lifted by a special tool.     

     Microlex is normally powered by an electric non-lubricated rotary vane pump or a compressed air pump.


Light lifts are the most treacherous. You usually notice far too late that you are lifting incorrectly-when your body is worn out. Microlex is the perfect aid for light lifts.
A growing number of companies are realizing the advantages of investing in an ergonomic vacuum lifting assist , even for light lifts. If the investment costs are compared with the profits, then an investment in a Microlex is quickly repaid. The level of sick leave and costly rehabilitation is radically reduced, saving considerable sums for the company.
Healthier employees result in bottom line economic profit-but not everything can be expressed in terms of money. A strong driving force behind our development work is the knowledge that our Ergonomic vacuum lifting assists reduces workplace injury and helps to give people a healthier life.
Microlex-a flexible compliment to the larger Vaculex
The most noticeable difference to Vaculex is Microlex's one-handed operation. Microlex is also smaller, which means that it can be used where other lifting devices are too big.
Another difference is Microlex's electric pumps, which permits a lifted object to hang from the tooling or hook for an unlimited time. This is very useful when the vacuum system is used as a positioning tool in, for example, static precision work.
All of the advantages of Vaculex are found in Microlex
Microlex uses vacuum technology in the same way to attach and lift. Flexibility of lift is the same-the lift comfortably follows the movement of your arm. Microlex works at least as fast as Vaculex-the lifted object is usually lighter than for a Vaculex lift. The smart Vaculex accessories such as the bottom swivel, 90 -degree angle adapter, non-return valve and the safety valve are also available for the Microlex. Safety is the same in both systems.
Microlex takes up even less space than Vaculex, is simple to install and very easy to use.

Safety Features and Ergonomic Benefits of the Microlex Line of Products

( 1.) The Microlex system is modular, with separate components available in several variations.
Adapts to any work environment. Allows simple changes to lifting capacities, suction feet, extended handles and more. Grows with your company-new installations are added easily and cost-effectively.

( 2.)The Microlex run on various-sized, electric or compressed-air vacuum pumps.
Its vacuum suction power combines a smooth lifting movement with variable speeds.

(3.) Very versatile with simple operation.
Durable, lightweight construction, one-hand control, an adjustable upward and downward speed, and a size that's comfortable where larger lifting equipment doesn't fit.

(4.) Microlex can be mounted on a Jib Crane or X-Y bridge Crane.
Microlex is easy to position and move around the workstation.

(5.) Microlex may be equipped with Vacutrade's patented Safety Valve for lifting situations where the vacuum control head's bottom valve is closed.
If the object were to come loose, the low pressure is immediately eliminated. Minimizes the risk of injury.

(6.) Microlex has an ingenious non-return valve.
If the vacuum pump stops, the low pressure in the vacuum tube is maintained long enough to permit the load to be lowered under controlled conditions. Minimizes the risk for injury or damage.

(7.) 360 Bottom Swivel, 90 Adapter and Quick Disconnects are optional accessories.
The bottom swivel allows the load to be turned 360 degrees and the 90-degree adapter allows alternation between horizontal and vertical positioning. The Quick Disconnects enable tools to be changed in seconds. The system's flexibility and maneuverability while lifting is maximized. The object requires a minimum of space to operate effectively.

(8.) Microlex suction feet are always engineered properly to fit the vacuum lifting system specified for your lifting application.
Microlex always maintains a constant safety factor while lifting. If the object is too heavy, or the surface is too porous, it will not be lifted. Minimizes the risk of injury or damage.

(9.)The Microlex products are engineered with the highest quality standards for safety and ergonomic concerns.     Vacutrade is proud to be C.E.Certified.
This certificate assures the consumer that our products meet the highest standards available.

(10.) Customer service is maintained through our vast network of trained representatives and distributors.
We provide engineering, sales, training, support and service.

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